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Golden Finance(China)

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Golden Finance
In person,Online,Webcast
Founded in 2006,Golden Education today is one of the world’s leading educational organizations in finance and business.Golden is devoted to provide life-time education services and endeavored to construct a comprehensive

ecosystem for finance professionals besides delivering superior learning outcomes.Golden offers test prep,license and certification exam prep,degree programs,and pathway programs.Its footprint is across various

programs,publishing and high-end network platform through its chain brands Golden Finance,Golden E-School,and Golden Finance and Tax College.Golden collaborates closely with government agencies,authoritative financial

organizations and top business schools to integrate different resources.Golden is committed to the career advancement for individuals and business development for enterprises.
Golden Finance offers a variety of courses and preparation materials to provide FRM exam preparation for different candidates'learning ability and budget.
        · Provide offline FRM courses in Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Zhengzhou,Chengdu,and Zhuhai.
      · Online FRM courses based on EP Artificial Intelligence Platform at Golden E-School.
      · Private webcast FRM courses on the G-live platform
      · Provide Chinese FRM Notes for self-study candidates
Golden Finance(高顿财经)